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Adding discounts via coupon

Coupon codes can be added to signup and upgrade orders by adding a coupon code. The discount the coupon code is assigned to will be applied.

Sample request
POST / Orders
  "TriggerInterimBilling": false,
  "Cart": {
    "PlanVariantId": "5e53dab7443e551674956705",
    "InheritStartDate": false,
    "CouponCode": "ABCDEF"
  "Customer": {
    "CompanyName": "ACME Inc.",
    "FirstName": "John",
    "LastName": "Doe",
    "VatId": "DE424324234",
    "EmailAddress": "",
    "Address": {
      "AddressLine1": "c/o Coworking Ltd.",
      "Street": "Zschopauer Straße",
      "HouseNumber": "42",
      "PostalCode": "10123",
      "City": "Berlin",
      "Country": "DE"
    "Hidden": false
  "PreviewAfterTrial": false