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Contract Created

Sent when a contract was created either via self-service or Admin UI.

ContractCreated is a subset of the ContractChanged. If you have signed up to ContractChanged webhook you do not need to additionally . You can also filter ContractChanged webhooks for a type Signup.

Typical Scenario

Upon receving this hook, you'll want to query the billwerk API for the given contract to create a new account in your system and send a welcome email.

To do so, you might have to also fetch the customer whose id is given in the contract.

    "ContractId": "645b429bb73d36f442b223df",
    "CustomerId": "645b429bb73d36f442b223db",
    "ExternalCustomerId": "249969",
    "ContractChangeId": "645b42d7f85fee194bce8990",
    "ContractChangeType": "Upgrade",
    "Event": "ContractChanged",
    "EntityId": "63b2d4405b49105c19fa7714"