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Tax Policy

Tax rates can be configured for individual countries, the EU area including all associated countries and for all other countries. Any number of tax rules can be created and managed in Billwerk+ Enterprise.

The attributes of a tax policy are:

  • Name,

  • Configured entries.


Entries: [
    {Country:AT, Rate:20},
    {Country:DE, Rate:19},
    {Country:EU, Rate:0},
    {Country:XX, Rate:0}
Id: "53035ea01d8dd0079cbe2433"
Name: "Dienstleistungen"

TaxPolicy basically describes how a certain type of product or services shall be taxed in a given list of countries. For instance, a tax policy's name could be "e-Books" and contain a tax rate of 19% for Germany and 2.5% for Luxembourg.

All products must be mapped to a tax policy through their plan group so Billwerk+ knows which rule to apply when invoicing.